Saturday, May 04, 2013


Went for a wander the other night, spotted this Valiant:
Not a great deal of Autoshite on the roads here, unfortunately.  The area my hotel is in was the downtown area around 100 years ago, so there's a lot of interesting and very old buildings, such as these houses - I like how they've commandeered the roof by building a ladder from the balcony.
Found a couple of excellent restaurants within a few meters of the hotel, so I've been having large portions of charred meat, fries and various desserts, which isn't good for me.  My room has a kitchen (dunno why, the other hotel had one too so perhaps it's a Canada thing), so might stay in tonight and eat soup.
Also discovered the PATH yesterday, it's a network of tunnels and shopping malls under the city.  I wondered where all the people disappeared to at lunchtime.